As a photographer my interests go in the direction of the relationships between people and the places where they live.  My personal journey takes me across open spaces and into crowded commercial centers in search of images that could help explain how it is that people can shape and use, sometimes neglect, and finally make connections to our twenty-first century landscape.



Bill Gore was born and grew up in Southeast Texas and Louisiana and seemed always to have a special connection to the natural sciences, the environment, and photography. He studied chemistry in college, received a PhD from Syracuse University, and from there went on to work as a researcher in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and imaging science.  For a time he led a research laboratory at Polaroid and contributed to the development of new photographic media.  His photographs have appeared in numerous juried exhibitions. He published his first book, “Side Roads” in 2013.  A second book, “SWIPE”, was published in 2015 and was accepted to the juried self-published photography book exhibition PHOTOBOOK 2015 at the Griffin Museum of Photography.