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precious time is slipping away

hope it don’t rain all day

Chez Pierre has MOVED


maybe there will be a place to stop and rest awhile

beyond the horizon

Three Songs


salvation after a while

follow the river, it leads to the sea

August Light

These works are about thoughts and ideas that are for me both timeless and relevant to our on-going 21st century experience.  My process moves back and forth between the conceptual and the visual as I photograph, edit, compose, and construct. I will see an image that in some intuitive way latches on to my attention and starts me to thinking, and soon I find myself with a dozen or so pictures spread out on the table.  A thread of an idea starts to emerge, more pictures are required, and a visual and conceptual struggle ensues.  At times and in ways that I do not fully understand a small degree of understanding of at least my own human experience comes to light.  The process continues until a group of images starts to resonate in both the visual and thematic sense and a sequence of images emerges as a single composition.


My images are from New England where I live and the southeastern states where I grew up and where I now visit.  These works are not about place, but place is there nevertheless as something in the air and the light, and the lightness and darkness of being.  But be it north or south, the thread that runs through Compositions concerns how we humans treat each other and how we treat our environment and the idea that these two questions may ultimately be one in the same.